Services & Accessibility

Water and Septic Installations

There are no services pre-installed so appropriate installations including a septic system and well must be planned. The ground water is of high quality in this region.

Accessibility in winter

A new road starting from the Petite Anse street permits year-round acces to all the lots. The road is still currently private and thus maintenance and plowing is currently the responsibility of owners. The transfer of responsibility to the municipality is already in the works and should soon be complete.


The projected roads as shown in the plans are now complete and circullation is possible throughout both phases of the Boisé de L'Anse.

Electricity and Telephony

The distribution along the East to West road in phase I is complete. The continuation of power distribution into phase II will be effected Fall 2013. The connection between the East to West road and each lot is the responsibility of the residents. Note that the first 30 meters between the road and a new constuction are at Hydro-Québec's charge.